Required Level of English

This is a Level 3 course aimed at students with at least an elementary level of English.

Course Duration

This course contains 20 learning hours.

Assessment Method

The course contains 2 units (5 modules) and at the end of each module there are tasks to complete and submit to your tutor.  The tasks for each module are graded and once all 5 modules have been completed the average grade is calculated and this is the final grade that will appear on your certificate.

Accredited by ALAP

This course is accredited to Level 3 by UK based specialist awarding organisation ALAP, Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals.

Course Contents

  • Unit 1 – Extensive Reading:
    1. Skimming and Speed Reading;
    2. Linguistic Clues;
    3. Extracting Information
  • Unit 2 – Intensive Reading:
    1. Linear and non-linear representation;
    2. Vocabulary study