This short Certificate in Legal English course is designed for legal professionals who have English as their second language.  English is the lingua franca for the international legal community, which means a working knowledge of legal terminology in English is necessary to succeed.

Required Level of English

This is a Level 5 course aimed at students with an advanced level of English.

Course Duration

This course contains 50 learning hours.

Assessment Method

The course contains 8 units and at the end of each unit there are tasks to complete and submit to your tutor.  The tasks for each unit are graded and once all 8 units have been completed the average grade is calculated and this is the final grade that will appear on your certificate.

Accredited by ALAP

This course is accredited to Level 5 by UK based specialist awarding organisation ALAP, Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals.

Course Contents

  • Unit 1 – Law and Order
  • Unit 2 – The Courtroom
  • Unit 3 – Civil Procedure
  • Unit 4 – Torts
  • Unit 5 – Real Property
  • Unit 6 – Intellectual Property
  • Unit 7 – Contracts
  • Unit 8 – Latin for Lawyers