English is the main language of communication worldwide and as such is essential for those seeking employment in, or currently employed in front desk/reception jobs in hotels, resorts, spa’s etc.

This course is designed to help learners develop the language and skills necessary for hospitality front desk and receptionist positions.  The course covers practical skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing as appropriate to employees dealing with tourists.

Why hotel employees should study this course:

  • your employees are more engaging, able participate in small talk with guests and make suggestions for activities etc.
  • your employees are able to feel more confident in their jobs lending to increased staff satisfaction and thus retention.
  • your guests feel they have received excellent service, often becoming repeat customers and recommending your establishment to others.

Required Level of English

This is a Level 2 course aimed at students with at least an elementary level of English.

Course Duration

This course contains 20 learning hours.

Assessment Method

The course contains 10 units and at the end of each unit there are tasks to complete and submit to your tutor.  The tasks for each unit are graded and once all 10 units have been completed the average grade is calculated and this is the final grade that will appear on your certificate.

Accredited by ALAP

This course is accredited to Level 2 by UK based specialist awarding organisation ALAP, Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals.

Course Contents

  • Unit 1 – Greetings and Useful Phrases & Small Talk
  • Unit 2 – Time & Dates
  • Unit 3 – Directions
  • Unit 4 – Arrivals and Check-In & Departures and Check-Out
  • Unit 5 – Assistance Over the Phone & Transport
  • Unit 6 – Room Types & Booking Procedures
  • Unit 7 – Money: Pricing & Payment
  • Unit 8 – Facilities & Amenities
  • Unit 9 – Problems & Handling Complaints
  • Unit 10 – Being of Assistance & Thank you and Goodbye