The Diploma in TESOL with Teaching Practice

Course Aims

The overall aim of the INTESOL Diploma in TESOL is to provide a sound coverage of the theory and derived practice of teaching English to speakers of other languages within different and varied social contexts and with reference to modern communicative methodologies.

Course Structure

The Diploma in TESOL consists of 10 units (a total of 17 modules). Included in the modules are course notes, a variety of self-check exercises and tasks for submission as part of the continual assessment. Your personal trainer marks each module as it is submitted and returns your work with comments, guidance and a module grade so you will be able to monitor your progress. There are no written examinations.


This course is targeted at practising teachers or those who wish to further their studies following the Certificate in TESOL. It includes a Teaching Practice. If you are unsure of your eligibility please email the admissions team at